Monday, December 28, 2009

Get your own Digital Clock

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Digital Collage

This is my Digital Collage.

2) HTC Phone: A phone which can be bought from any handphone shops.
3) Msn Live Messenger: A application which can be downloaded from:
4) Windows Live™ Hotmail:
5) Windows Live™:
6) Youtube:
7) GoogleApps:
8) Google Chrome: It is an internet web browser which can be downloaded from:
9) Blogger:
10) 4shared:
11) Megaupload/Megadownload:

The Application which I love the best is:

But Why?
Because I can chat with my Old Classmates, play and challenge with my friends in games and of course
e-mail one another, etc, etc...
Fun and exciting application!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009

Activity 2: Getting to know places with Google Maps

Driving directions to School Of Science And Technology, Singapore
7.7 km – about 11 mins
Stirling Rd
1.Head west on Stirling Rd
0.1 km
2.Take the 1st left to stay on Stirling Rd
0.5 km
3.Turn left at Mei Chin Rd
95 m
4.Turn left at Queensway
40 m
5.Make a U-turn
0.4 km
6.Turn left at Portsdown Ave
0.9 km
7.Turn right onto the AYE ramp to Tuas
0.4 km
8.Merge onto Ayer Rajah Expy
3.9 km
9.Take the exit toward Clementi Ave 6
0.1 km
10.Keep left at the fork to continue towardClementi Ave 6 and merge onto Clementi Ave 6
0.7 km
11.Slight left to stay on Clementi Ave 6
Destination will be on the left
0.6 km
School Of Science And Technology, Singapore
5 Clementi Avenue 6
Singapore 129835

This is roughly how I can get to SST, Singapore from my Home~

Apart from the suggested routes, Google Maps also provide roughly how much time would be needed for me to reach SST, Singapore thus I could plan ahead (eg. what time to wake up, etc, etc).

I think the information provided by Google Maps is useful and reliable because I could plan ahead on what time I need to wake up so that I could reach school on time and also because it still gives me a rough guide on how to reach my school either by car, by public transports (when my parents cannot fetch me) so I think Google Maps is really reliable and useful and people won't get lost at times for they have the help of GOOGLE MAPS!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Whew! Blogging's NO JOKE...

When I was creating this blog, I had some difficulties at first and it was real tough as it was basically only my first or second time blogging... As times goes by, I start to be able to configure most of the functions and thus blogging for me is now quite an easy thing for me to do... I can now blog smoothly...No more difficulties... No more problems...

Hmmm... How can blogging be part of my learning experience in SST?
I think we could have ongoing discussions about assignments while doing math calculations on calculator widgets and have pupils of SST sharing with one another informations about facts of science and many other subjects and maybe teachers could post on blogs the lessons' overview so if we do not understand we could research on them and find out more to have a clearer understanding of the lesson.

Friday, December 11, 2009



Oh Yeah, OUR Journey Begins Here @ SST!

Join SST and together we shall:

See the possibilities,

Seek the solutions and

Touch the future.

In SST, no doubt, you can find ALL of the BELOW:

  • Using Macbook Laptop....

  • 9 Textbooks Only! COOL...
  • Experienced Teachers...
  • And Many MORE!!!

In All, I wanna say SST Rockz!
People of SST,

What are we PROUD of?


I can't hear YOU!


They can't hear YOU!




An Image of my feelings and reactions when
I received the letter that confirms my posting to SST:


But Why was I OVERJOYED?
Actually my whole family was jumping for JOY!
Reason: My Dream School is a school where I can
learn everything by using the computer and
hands on activities!